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Warcry Review

This review will focus on Warcry as a game system and the starter set.
If you would rather watch it click HERE.

The Game

Warcry is a fast-paced skirmish style game reminiscient of Kill Team and Underworlds. I say this second hand because all I have played is regular old AoS. I do very much enjoy Warcry as a game and I think anyone who likes AoS will as well.

Warcry pits 2 warbands of 6-15 units against each other. The victory conditions are random depending on the battleplan or victory card drawn. These conditions are generally very cut and dry. Kill the enemies Dagger Contingent or control the objective/treasure at the end of the third round or keep your dagger alive until the end of the 4th round. They have a few interesting ones like one I played where the objective was to send your units to one edge of the board and then take them off the board. This means they entered your opponents “Territory” and each model is worth a point. Some of the plans tend to favor more mobile or more numerous model counts but I really only saw that issue with the non-Warcry warbands. Overall the game is fast, fun and deadly.

The Turns and Rounds

Each round is divided into a number of turns for either player. Unlike AoS you only commit to one model per turn. Once you activate a fighter you have to take 2 actions with them. There are 4 different actions to choose from and you can combine 2 like actions in one turn. The 4 actions are Move, Attack, Disengage and Wait.
Moving is relatively straight forward and just has you move your model however many inches forward the card says. There is no such thing as running or charging in this game but honestly it isn’t needed. The complexity comes when you consider all the different ways you CAN move. These include normal walking where the base of the mini doesn’t leave the ground. Jumping where you move a certain number of inches horizontally (I.E. over a gap), Climbing where you move a number of inches vertically (I.E. up a wall) and finally flying where you can move any number of inches vertically and however many designated horizontally. Flying also allows you to (mostly) ignore falling.
Attacking is again straight forward. You make a number of attack listed on your card as long as you are within range and then compare your Strength value (which can vary per weapon) to your Opponents Toughness value. This determines whether 3s, 4s and 5s hit, 4s and 5s hit or only 5s hit. 6s are crits which always hit and do loads of damage (typically double but sometimes as much as 4x). This is an important thing to keep in mind because bringing the correct units to bear in a fight will make your life much easier.
Disengaging is similar to retreating in AoS proper. You can move the model up to 3″ in any legal direction as long as you end up at least 1″ from all enemy models. This does include models that you may not be currently engaged with. This is good to remember if you need to lock down an enemy unit or need to protect your own. Always keep an escape handy! Also the terrain is juuuuust under 3″ so if viable you can climb up a piece to get away.
After each model (including the chaotic beasts if they are in play) performs 2 actions the round is over and any points are calculated. Plenty of battleplans include contingents coming in during the 2nd round so don’t forget about those!

The Starter Set

The Warcry Starter Set is a big frigging box. As one of my favorite YouTubers mentioned it is way heavier than it has any right to be.
It comes with:
A Game Board (Two-Sided)
The Core Rules
2 Warbands of 8 and 9 models each (along with the cards needed to play them)
6 of each Chaotic Beasts (Raptoryxs and Furies and their respective cards)
7 Sprues of Terrain
Combat Markers and Tokens
A 12 Inch Ruler (See through and Made for Warcry)
Battleplan Cards
and Plastic Baggies to hold it all in

Is it worth it?

Yes. If you have someone to split it with it is easily a must buy. Otherwise you should try to get it off Amazon for almost $40 cheaper (as of time of writing this. I have an Affiliate link on my Home page). Even at full price I would say it is worth it. The 2 warbands can be used as Slaves to Darkness and the terrain, as always, is usable anywhere you would like. In my opinion GW knocked it out of the park with this box and if you have the chance play a demo and grab it up.


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