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Warcry Starter Set Terrain Build

So the first thing you build is this awesome looking bell tower. It comes with a set of steps you shouldn’t glue on and 2 separate platforms. It was a relatively easy build that took me on stream about 45 minutes. Without streaming and discussing it should take around half an hour. Painting it has been pretty easy as well with the only tough parts being the skeletons in the niches next to the bell. Overall a fun piece of terrain!

Statue Head and Barricades Build Video HERE

Probably the easiest build of the Starter Set (ignoring the barricade cus i mean cmon they are like 2 or 3 pieces…) The head and platform was so simple you barely need the instructions. The toughest part is making sure you don’t knock things out of place on the platform but if you just give it a second to dry you should be fine. The statues face does require a very small amount of force to get slotted correctly but its barely noticeable. Overall another fun and unique piece of terrain that I can’t wait to paint!

This is barely even worth a sentence about to be honest. Most of these were just clipping them out with the rest just having you stick on some dead guys. One piece gets made into a 90 degree corner but other than that its single walls all across. I do like the look of the pieces though and they should be a fun albeit slightly frustrating piece to paint.

Ruins Build Stream HERE!

The ruins seem complicated at first but honestly they are intuitive as all hell. Follow this link and you’ll find a written guide to which pieces are used where. Following my video and that guide will ensure you have the correct pieces to utilize all your terrain cards.

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