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Beastclaw Raiders Short Story

This story will be about a group of Beastclaw Raiders that was just unfrozen after decades of being locked in ice following a miserable defeat in battle. There are few left at this point and they are desperately battling to move fast enough to get out from under the oppressive storm that follows them. Against All Odds they must outrace the Everwinter and find lands ripe with prey to be taken down.

The group consists of Frostlord Icegut riding his Stonehorn Tahr, Huskard Garug riding his Thundertusk Jaul, Icebrow Hunter Hurad along with his 4 frost sabres, a 4 Ogor strong Mournfang pack consisting of the brothers Huagg, Jaig, Ikaeg and Kuerg and finally 3 brightly hued yehtees that still somehow manage to blend into the blizzard surrong Garugs Thundertusk.

Icegut wasn’t actually Frostlord before the battle but after being ambushed and watching his Alfrostun cut down he started taking charge right as the Everwinter locked them into ice. Determined to get back to raiding and pillaging and bringing his Alfrostun into a new era of prosperity he will stop at nothing to escape the Everwinters grasp.

Saying Garug is taciturn would be the biggest understatement in the mortal realms. Only speaking when literal life or death is on the line the Huskard prides himself on having one of the strongest blizzards personally following his Thundertusk. Some of the old Alfrostun blamed him for how dogged the Everwinter chased them but he knew it was only because they did not feel as comfortable in the blizzard as they should. Now having been consecrated through frost he is willing to follow Icegut wherever he leads, bringing the Everwinter to the unenlightened races of the Mortal Realms.

Hurad trudged through the thigh deep drifts back towards the battlefield. He knew he was gambling with another deep freeze but he had to make sure. Having skirted the edge of the Everwinter he knew he had at most hours before it engulfed him anew. Catching flashes of darker areas he realized he was back inside the battles sad conclusion. Hurrying his pace he picked his way back to the scene of his Frostlords fall. Clambering up on the still frozen Stonehorn he started looking for the old Lord’s body. Finally he found it and saw the mortal wound that had felled him. No Orruk or Ghoul had taken down Razeg. No, it had been the bite of a Frostdagger. One only Icegut was known to carry.

The Mournfang brothers were thought to be the poorest excuse for a pack as long as the Alfrostuns remembered history. The fact that they remained while the other packs had fallen was a testament to the pure fury they could bring to bear. They alone fought hard enough to remain standing throughout the defeat and even after decades engulfed in ice their rage burned hotter than it had any right to. Not caring who they followed The Mournfang Brothers were excited to finally destroy and kill again.

Seraphon Pass

The freezing wind howled past Icegut’s head. The Everwinter was still much too close and the Alfrostun couldn’t take a moment to rest, much less set up camp for the night. Tearing another mouthful off the fresh leg he had secured during the fateful battle that had awoken him, he gave the order to continue marching. His second in command, Garug, wordlessly pointed forward and Icegut could see the only way through the mountains was a thin pass that was already being choked by the Everwinter snows.

“Chief. Lizards.” Snapping his head up at the sound of his normally mute subordinate’s voice, Chief Icegut quickly saw why the Huskard had broken his years long silence. It was a testament to the worry Garug felt that he talked at all and Icegut had to agree. Halfway through the pass was arrayed a large contingent of Seraphon. From tiny skinks to larger saurus knights the entire pass was choked with scaled flesh. At first Icegut was happy to do battle but then remembered his decades long imprisonment in the frost of the Everwinter. Gesturing to his Mournfang Pack the Frostlord rallied his troops and gave the order for the charge. The horns bellow out across the icy mountain pass. There was no way Icegut would be trapped in frost again. Not so soon after finally escaping the Everwinters bite. If the lizards wouldn’t budge then he would lead his Alfrostun through them. It had been too long since he had a real meal anyway.

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