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Warcry Starter Set Warbands Review

Ogor Breacher, Dominar and Drillmaster Instructions. The first leg you put on for the Ogor is a bit tricky. It doesn’t slot in like it seems and kinda just rests against the rest of the model. Dry fit that for sure. The Drillmasters whip is a bit finicky and is very fragile. Be extra careful there/

Armator and Signifier/Prefector. The Armator is literally the easiest model in AoS to build. You can choose either the Signifier (With the standard) or the Prefector. The Signifier is the only model that can use one of the Iron Golems triple abilities and it is a good one providing +1 to the Toughness of all friendly fighters within 6″. The Signifier is definitely the better pick In my opinion.

Your run of the mill Iron Legionaries. One can be assembled with a bola instead of dual-wielding. This gives him the 2nd ranged attack in the Iron Golems Warband. The first being the Drillmaster’s Whip. The other option is to create a dual wielding Iron Legionary. The bola wielder is better in my opinion. The difference are as follows: +5 points for the dual wielder and 3 attacks to the bolas 2. The bola Legionary gets a 3 inch range bola throw with 3 attacks (comparable to the dual wielder’s 3 attacks) while being 5 points cheaper but only having 2 melee attacks. I still think the Bola is the better pick. You do get a bit of variation with these guys in that you can choose what kind of bludgeon you equip them with. This doesn’t effect their stats at all.

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