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The Master’s Brush Cleaner Review

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As anyone who paints minis will tell you, our brushes get messed up pretty bad. It takes awhile depending on how well you treat them but eventually they all get relegated to drybrush status. I wanted to spruce up some of my older brushes and keep a few of my favorites around a little longer so I set about trying to find a way to fix em up. The one name repeated over and over was The Master’s Brush Cleaner. Everyone said this stuff worked miracles. Now obviously I was skeptical but I found it on amazon for cheap and decided to give it a try. Here are some before and after pics and my personal opinion on whether or not this stuff really is the “miracle cure” for busted brushes.

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We have 3 brushes here with various states of BUSTED. The left most is fraying, the center is split and the rightmost is stained red (Supposed to be a yellow). So let’s see what a quick wash will do to them!


So as you can see the fraying brush didn’t really get fixed at all. Sadly it seems those brushes are just dead for good. The second brush is much more promising. You can see there are still some paint particles left in but a few more washes should solve that. Looks like any splits will be remedied by this cleaner. The third brush is the most impressive in my opinion. You can see that it is entirely back to its basic color.


The Master’s Brush Cleaner is not a miracle product by any means. It works well and does what is advertised but it won’t be restoring your old beat up brushes back to new quality. I still think any painted should keep a jar of this stuff handy though. So while not as wonderful as they say this is still a must buy for anyone in the hobby! That’s a solid 4/5 from me!


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