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Warhammer AoS App Review

For my first review I’ll be going through the pros and cons of the Warhammer: Age of Sigmar mobile app.

The Warscrolls Tab and Main Page

Pros and Cons

My Armies built in Azyr

Available on both Android and Iphone
Has a warscroll builder built in (requires a subscription though)
Has a My Army tab that lets you easily keep track of which units you have and what they do
Relatively easy to use
Warscroll Builder (Azyr) requires a $.99 monthly subscription.
The library of books doesn’t take into consideration any physical copies you own
Can have bugs that give you incorrect information
May take a little longer than it should to update unit and army information.


Azyr’s Information Page

Free: The app is entirely free to use. You get info and warscrolls for every unit in the game including Forge World models. You can see the points through a relatively convuluted series of actions but it is still free. A few (mostly outdated) books are also included for free. Overall you can use the app for it’s intended purpose entirely free of charge. This is a huge pro.

Available on both Android and Iphone: No one gets screwed over here. This means everyone can see the same information at all times. Personally I like to put my opponents units into my army just so I can quickly and easily double check rules without having to take his or her phone. Pretty simple and straightforward pro that is also big.

Built In Warscroll Builder (Azyr): Azyr is a paid subscription Warscroll Builder that costs you .99 cents a month. It allows you to choose a few different options while putting together an army and build a list of units. It automates a few things like which units you can take depending on your allegiance, who your allies are and what the composition of your army is allowed to be. This is especially good for Meeting Engagements since the rules can be a little confusing. While it is a paid subscription it does give (in my opinion) plenty of bang for your buck. I find it lots of fun to screw around creating new lists whenever I’m bored . As you can see I have plenty of lists already! Even though it is paid I think this is a big pro for ease of use and quality of life.

Beastclaw Raiders

My Battle Tab: The main function of the app is to find the units you are bringing and place them into the My Army tab. This is done very easily with 2 button presses and then they can all be accessed from 1 tab instead of having to search through every unit in the game. There is also a button on the Azyr section that lets you add an entire army to your My Army tab. I find this to be extremely intuitive and easy to use as it should be. Again this is the main function of the app so I’m not rating it based on that but on how simple it is but also how much information is given to you as well. So this is a win for the app for sure.

Ease of Use: As I touched upon in the previous points this app is extremely easy to use and intuitive. The main page in the Warscrolls Tab which is alphebetized. You can either scroll through all the units and battalions of each army or use the search function. I will say the search function can be a little picky but overall it works well. There is even an option to hide the battalions which is helpful for smaller games that might not be able to include them. In addition you can select specific Grand Allegiances or specific Armies to look at. The Library tab is simple and just keeps a digital copy of any books you download for free or (the majority) you pay for. Again very easy to use. Azyr is wonderful with only a few hiccups but as of ease of use it is simple through and through. The My Army tab is just pictures of your units which all it takes is a single tap to bring up their war scroll. Finally the last tab is the Core Rules which is a simple PDF document that is similar to the printed version of the basic core rules.


As you can see I have no Books.

Azyr Costs Money: While I am listing this as con I definitely think it is worth the money. If you do not you have another (free) option which is the Warscroll Builder on Games Workshops main site. It functions slightly differently and in my way is not as easy to use or intuitive. You also have less control over it when you bring it to a game since you have to print out your army list but it is a simple and free way to get a condensed list of units in your army and whether or not it is legal.

Cannot Add Physical Copies to Digital Library: This is the most frustrating thing about this app. I personally love owning physical books. Being able to flip through them whenever I want is just a thing I really enjoy. What is annoying is that there is no way to say “Hey! GW! I already own this book let me use the things inside it on your app!” So anything like battleplans, artifacts, command traits, spells, etc. that are in a book that isn’t free on the app you can’t easily reference using the app. Honestly this isn’t a deal breaker by any means and really only affects you if you love collecting the physical books. If you are fine with digital and especially if you are just starting out and haven’t bought much or anything yet this won’t even impact you.

Bugs / Misinformation: I have run into a few of these myself but all it takes is talking to people at the game store or posting online to find an answer. My personal run in was while I was creating a Meeting Engagement list for my Beastclaw Raiders. I was trying to bring in a group of 4 Mournfangs in my Main Body Battleline but the app tells me this is illegal. When I reread the rules it clearly states that any battleline unit brought in with the Main Body can have up to double it’s minimum unit size. I posted on reddit asking if I was wrong or if the app was and long story short the app is incorrect. This is probably the biggest con but the bugs are so few and far between it isn’t going to kill the app or it’s usefulness.

Weird Update Timing: I personally haven’t run into this but I have heard of things being updated either too slow or even too fast. That seems like it isn’t a big deal but if the actual books haven’t been released yet your opponent might not be too happy with you using brand new rules. Overall I don’t think this is a huge deal but it is worth mentioning.

Comes with a Free Digital PDF of the Core Rules which are in their own Separate Tab

Good or Bad?

In my humble opinion I think the Warhammer: Age of Sigmar App is entirely good. I would give it 4 stars out of 5 (I don’t do partial stars). The occasional bug or misinformation is so minor and easily remedied that you it won’t really affect your use while the library issue is annoying but honestly I haven’t been too inconvenienced by it. Overall I would say definitely download and use this app if you play Age of Sigmar and I would even go so far as to say buy an Azyr subscription as well. With that I will conclude my first Review and wish everyone reading a great day and many future conquests in the Mortal Realms!


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