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Chaotic Beasts Build Guide

This is going to be the first of many Warhammer Build Guides. I plan to do these for everything I get my hands on and each written guide will have an accompanying video. This guide will be focused on the Chaotic Beasts that come with the Warcry Starter set which I assume will eventually go up for individual sale at some point. The Chaotic Beasts come on 6 half size sprues with 2 having pieces entirely dedicated to the Furies, 2 dedicated to the Raptoryxs and the last 2 having a mix of both. The Raptoryxs are built in 2 stages with 3 different models while the Furies are built in 3 stages with 3 different models as well. This ends up giving you 6 of each model to use in your Warcry and AoS proper games. There are a few Affiliate Links at the bottom where you can pick up the Warcry Starter Set these Beasts come from as well as the tools I use to put them together. These links help fund my YouTube Channel and Blog.


Build Info

Sprues and Bases Provided

Raptoryxs: Pieces per model: 7, Models per kit: 6, Base Size: 60mm (Oval), Variable Parts? Yes but all will be used. Difficulty: Easy
Furies: Pieces per model: 5-6, Models per kit: 6, Base Size: 32mm (Circle), Variable Parts? No. Difficulty: Easy



The Raptoryxs are bird-like corrupted wildlife that are highly aggressive and pack oriented. They tend to follow warbands across the Eight Points devouring the scraps of flesh left behind. This does not mean they are simply scavengers. They have been known to attack and kill enemies much larger than themselves. While not capable of true flight they are surprisingly graceful given their stocky physique. They use their feathered wingarms to glide and maneuver around the battlefield faster than expected. Posessing a beastial cunning they are adept at out flanking and surronding prey and unlucky warbands. When a Raptoryx dies it’s death cries will echo for miles, calling more and more of the ferocious scaled hybrids to the fight.


Raptoryx Build Instructions

Building the Raptoryxs is rather simple. You start with the body then add the legs, the wings and then the head in that order. The head is 2 separate pieces comprised of the frill and the actual face/beak. The heads and frills can be mixed and matched into whatever configuration you desire but all of the supplied pieces will be used. Overall building them was easy and take about 30 minutes for all 6.


Chaos Fury

The Furies are minor daemons that exist purely out of a desire to kill and maim unwary prey. They fly around the Eight Points in large swarms that will descend on any unprepared warband. They are filled with a general spite and viciousness that makes them a much more dangerous foe than first expected. These daemons can be won over to your Warbands cause given sufficient bribery but woe betide anyone who drops their guard around a Chaos Fury.


Chaos Furies Build Instructions

Building the Furies is an easy task that is slightly more complicated (but not complex) compared to the Raptoryxs. The furies have larger wings and carry weapons while also being a generally smaller sculpt. This makes for a few points that are flimsy but not enough to really cause a headache. The furies go together a little differently than the Raptoryxs thanks to their more dynamic poses but generally you’ll start by attaching 2 limbs to the main body then doing the remainder. The Furies points of contact on the base are rather small so it might take a minute to get them secured onto the base. Again it isn’t a big headache in any way. Overall building them is quick and easy and should only take about 30 minutes for all 6 models.

Overall Summary

These models are very dynamic and I feel they have a certain level of character shown just through their poses. The Raptoryxs feel like ornery predators willing to fight anything and everything while the Furies have a level of cunning and deception that comes out in their poses. They were easy to build and didn’t take long. Painting will be interesting since they are smaller models and have some tight areas. I’m happy with the models though and can’t wait to bring them to the table!
Overall Time and Difficulty: ~ 1 hour to put all 6 models together and all 3 variants for both models were easy to build.

My Tools

Clippers, Xacto Knife, Super Glue and Plastic Cement

Affiliate Links

Warcry Starter Set

X-Acto Knife

Super Glue

Plastic Cement


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